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Supplement police is a review site. Supplement police reviews weight loss products, supplements and nutritions related to health and weight loss.

The rate of medical diseases and obesity are on the increase and so many people are on the look out for the best supplement or weight loss product to ameliorate this debilitating conditions.  It is because of this increase quest for help that most of these people with this chronic conditions are being exploited by product that does not work.

This is why Supplement Police has brought out time to do an unbiased review of most of the supplements and weight loss products in the industry.



Supplement police is an online review website which their aim is to introduce an unbiased and transparent review of products online. 

At Supplement, there are explicit reviews of supplements and weight loss products which thier visitors will enjoy. They also review products like financial products and online business ideas

Unfortunately, these categories traditionally have more scams than other product categories. That’s why supplement police has taken time out to do an open minded review of these products to help online users.

Their aims to help customers differentiate between legitimate products and scams by providing intelligent, well-written reviews from real customers.  They do their reviews without being biased or favorable towards any products or companies. They doesn’t currently accept affiliate income from any company in exchange for favorable reviews, this makes their reviews more legit. They make their money from Adsense reveniew so there is no room for biase. 

All of these traits have made them one of the best online sources for unbiased reviews.


Trust is one of the rarest thing to see on the internent. They have closed this gap by publishing a lenghty article on how their review works.  They did this because they wanted to:

1) Provide complete transparency for “hundreds of thousands of monthly readers”

2) Give readers an in-depth perspective into how Supplement Police operate.



They found out that consumers are likely to make negative review about a product than positive reviews of a product. 

Most times a product may get a positive reviews and a negative review at the same time. This may be due to individuals variability.

They publishes a detailed review of a product including the good and the bad side of the products.



Just like most online business, supplement police also pockets some money. Initially they make money through affiliate marketing, by review of products and putting an affiliate link so that when a customer buys the product through their link, then they will get commission. This affected the genuineness of thier product review.  Currently, supplement police only make money through Google AdSense, this way there is no biase in their review.



NO, their idear was not to test all the products.

There are millions of products available on the internet today. Understandably, the main goal of Supplement Police was never to test every product featured on the site.

Instead, the main goal was to collect information about these products from a diverse range of sources. That information includes reviews from legitimate users, information from independent testing, and data from the product’s official website or manufacturer.

Supplement Police uses all of this information to paint a complete picture of each product.

It’s important to note that many of the products seen on Supplement Police are of the “As Seen On TV” variety. They include nutritional supplements, diet pills, weight loss programs, and work-from-home opportunities. Unfortunately, these niches are more prone to scams than other product niches.



Supplement police is a trusted site that reviews products online. They review weight loss products, nutritional supplements, online business ideas. It is the one I would recommend for friends and Family.



20 Minute Body Scam.



Any body ever told you losing weight is easy has probably never tried losing weight or maybe he’s trying to sell you a cheesy product one way or the other. The truth is that losing weight whether by dieting, exercising, surgery and even supplement is a gradual process and requires time, comitment and consistency.

There is nothing wrong in being plump as long as one is comfortable with it. However, if your body mass index indicates you are obese then it may predispose you to some medical condition like infertility, heart disease, diabetes etc then its time for you to lose weight.

Lets get down to the business.

This article makes an elaborate review of 20 minute body a weight loss program that combines routine 20 minutes exercise every day for 20 days and a diet plan that can help burn out excess fat in your body and help you to get back in shape.

Most often time people complain of making out time to follow a weight loss program. The 20 minute body makes it possible for y

However, this may look impossible and unrealistic but from the wide research and personal experience, it has proven to produce an amazing result for those who adhered to it strictly.


It is usually better to get a product that was authored by an expert and someone who has a lot of experience when it comes to weight loss industry.

20 minutes body was authored by an established fitness authority and one of the most sought after fitness talents called Brett Hoebel. No wonder Brett has been featured in all the top fitness outlet.


It contains a trilogy of work out routine, a nutrition recipe and free extra work out videos.

Each workout has an average of 5 Big exercise that uses multiple muscles to burn out excess fat from the body. These exercises are divided into Strength, Cardio or Core and Brett also added a little Brazilian flare by adding some moves from the Brazilian martial art/dance Capoeira. Brett claims that the moves are easy to learn, fun and sequenced in a specific order to increase fat loss.

I confidently recomend this product.

The trilogy is made up of three programs:

                     Program 1; the yellow phase.

                    Program 2; the orange phase.

                    Program 3; the blue phase.

The Yellow phase: The  Yellow Phase is the first 20 days of THE TRILOGY and focuses on improving your fitness foundation. It does not matter whether you are new to fitness or have been training regularly. Brett claimed that by following these workouts you’ll develop and improve upon your fitness foundation – from your form, your technique, your strength, and your stamina.

The Orange phase: The next 20 days is the Orange Program and it’s all about progression–taking that fitness foundation from the Yellow Program and taking it up a notch. At this point the intensity of the workout is increased and the result is also increased. No more judgments. You need to step outside of your comfort zone on a daily basis and push harder, inside and out for a more amazing result.

The Blue phase: The Blue Program is about delivering the body that you want. With all the lessons you’ve learned from the first two programs, you are going to consolidate your weight loss and make it permanent. There’s no plateau and there’s no slowing down the results because they are going to keep improving.

I confidently recomend this product.

The Nutrition Recipe: Brett took time to address nutrition challenges head-on with a comprehensive guide of fundamental concepts, meal plans, and a large and constantly growing catalogue of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes— this was done in collaboration with professional chefs Jennifer Iserloh and Rocco Whalen.

He said that the success rates will skyrocket with the phased approach that lets you ease into healthier eating habits over time, giving you the flexibility to fit into your choice plan.

Free extra Workout videos: the following are free stuffs included when you get the 20 minute body package:

free capoeira DVD

Free booty, Abs and chest DVD

Free booty by Brett 6- part video series

Free will power EBook

Free food replacement guide.

Wait no more join thousands of people who are already on 20 minute body to benefit from it.

I confidently recomend this product.

Fat Diminisher System Reviews -Does it Really Work?

Fat Diminisher System Reviews. 


Fat diminisher system is an effective way to lose weight fast. Fat diminisher system is designed for both men and women. Fat diminisher system is not like anyother weight loss product you know. Fat diminisher system is legit. Here is a focused review on fat diminisher system.

Alot of people out there are struggling with excess weight gain which may not be their fault. Because of the quest to lose this unwanted fat they are most often being exploited by numerous weight loss program that promises heaven and earth but never works. It will be of a grate injustice if such product are not identified and revealed as this fake products cost them their health and wealth.

However, there are a few genuine weight loss system like fat diminisher system  in the market that gives you the desired shape that you want. This is because it has been carefully researched and produced by experts in the field. It is imperative that this weight loss systems  are brought to the lime light of people that wants to shade off excess weight.

One can only help himself/herself by reading and following articles like this which will genuinely x-ray each product and tell you if it works or if it is just another scam.

Our main focus on this review is Fat Diminisher System.

Study Objectives includes:

*what is fat diminisher system about?

*Who is the brain behind fat diminisher?

*What are the components of Fat diminisher?

*Who is the product meant for?

*How to purchase fat diminished?

Fat diminisher system is a weight loss eBook sold for $30 online. This review exposes fat Diminisher system in detail. It talks about what fat Diminisher system is, how it works, the brain behind the creation of fat diminisher system who should use fat diminisher and the component of fat diminisher system.

What is Fat Diminisher Program About?

fat diminisher system

Fat diminisher system is a remarkable online eBook that can help you with the most amazing methods on how to burn down fat and look more entizing.

The system gives people the opportunity to learn about the list items they should avoid and the one they should take to shed excess fat. Its not just like all your regular weight loss products.

It is unique in the sense that it teaches you fundamentally how to change your diet and exercise habits to become fit and healthier for all your life time.

Fat diminisher system promises not to be like any other diet that is just a flash in the pan. This is because it is a step by step program that anybody can follow to increase body metabolism and help the individual diminish fat as quickly as possible.

Fat diminisher system emphasizes how the body biochemical hormones and physiology handle body fat, focusing upon the matter of proper nutrition and diet.

Who is The Brain Behind Fat Diminisher?

Fat Diminisher system was created by a genius and an expert in fitness and coaching named Wesley Virgin. Virgin has wealth of experience in teaching people how to burn fat through exercise and careful dieting.

The genius believes that people should control their weight through proper intake of vitamins, proteins, and nutrients. Inside this fat diminisher system.  Wes Virgin offers a comprehensive and remarkable solution to excess weight gain.

Wesley believes that the key to weight loss is not merely dependent on strict diet or calorie counting, but a complete inclusion of nutrition, exercise, hormonal balance and metabolism efficiency.

The author also adviced on the mainstream methods of weight lose like starvation, stooling and extreme exercise stating that it might be harmful to health. According to him, this program explains why some people fail to lose weight even after trying their best to do so through intense dieting, workout and calorie restriction that are supposed to be effective. Fat diminisher is one of the best products from Wesley Virgin.

What are The Components of Fat Diminisher?

Fat diminisher system comes in the form of eBook. You get the eBook in PDF format when you pay  $30. The file can be viewed on the PC, smartphone, tablets and any other device. Keeping in mind the basic concepts of for making the best impression out of weight loss products, Wesley included various schedules in this Fat Diminisher eBook that gives the desired outcome. The eBook contains:


The best techniques of burning belly fat, fat around the butt and thighs.

The best weight loss tutorials for different age groups

Why exercise is important and and the exercise type that is a must to be practised on daily basis

The important of minerals, vitamins and herbs in your daily meals.

Learn how much meal you should eat per day based on your height , weight, metabolism and age

How to maintain healthier cholesterol and blood pressure level and reduce heart diseases  and obesity without expensive medications with side effects.

How to reduce your risk of illness by greatly improving your immune system.

Vegetables and other foods marketed as healthy, but are harmful to body and makes you gain weight.

Detailed instructions on how to bring back a normal eating cycle, so that you will have increased metabolism.

Included here Is also a complete explanation of the science behind Fat Diminisher.

Tips for proper body  detoxification that helps balance the body natural fat burning hormone.

How drinking water frequently helps you flush toxins.

How to Purchase Fat Diminisher System.

To get fat diminisher is simple. Fat diminisher is sold on click bank. Click bank is a renowned online eBook affiliate and retail site. It has strong standards and privacy policy measures.

You can click on the picture below to get the fat diminisher.

fat diminisher scam

Payments can be made through VISA, MasterCard, PayPal or American express. It has a 60days money back guaranty. So, there is nothing lost if you are not happy with the product.

Who Is the Product Meant for?

For those who are sick and worn out of hearing  weight loss program make broken Promises to you, then fat diminisher is the real deal that you need. It is created by a reliable real fitness professional Wesley Virgin.

Fat diminisher doesn’t promise that it will activate magic hormones in the body and help you lose 50 pounds in just 3weeks. No, it advocates a life long diet and and exercise habits one can adopt to be happy with his or her body any time. If you want to have that desired shape, that beach body, fit into that amazing dress then, I highly recommend fat diminisher